Strategic Marketing Partner

We at Coolfire, don’t just ‘target’ the audience. We captivate them. We don’t just aim at creating a ‘presence’ for your brand in a cluttered online space. We engage them with awesome content. We don’t want your brand to remain just a brand. We want to make your brand a buzzword. We want to make your brand a conversation!


Small or big, every business is constantly evolving and needs to take bold decisions backed by thorough research and analysis to stay competitive and achieve its goals. Coolfire helps organisations take advantage of expertise, technology and innovation to deliver value and drive growth.

Content Shop by Coolfire

What is written about you can make or break your brand! In a world where everyone wants to be heard, sometimes, actions are not noticed enough. But words have the power to paint a picture, tell a story and talk about how cool your brand really is. Coolfire’s content shop provides written solutions to all your needs and makes sure that the word about your brand is out there!



Coolfire Communications is a team of young people with fresh ideas, making them the right choice for us! They impressed us with their honesty, efficacy and style of following-through with what we want. When we started online marketing initiatives for our brand with Coolfire, we saw good results in our customer outreach and vice versa. They helped us with both online and in-store marketing activities which proved to be quite effective. After our engagement with Coolfire, we have gained new followers for our brand and we are now able to communicate to them more easily. I would definitely recommend Coolfire Communications to other businesses!


We chose Coolfire because Aditya’s perceptive knowledge of the social media scene globally is simply remarkable. Coolfire provided us with clear and measurable deliverables that immediately appealed to a growing start-up like ours. They demonstrated a sound understanding of our product segment which helped us kickstart marketing activities right from the word ‘go’. We share a friendly relationship based on trust and respect and they are willing to experiment and keep up with our dynamic requirements with an exuberant attitude. This is truly encouraging. We would most certainly urge other brands to work with Coolfire Communications.


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