In a world where a sea of brands are constantly screaming for attention, Coolfire is a boutique agency offering something that will set you apart — conversations with the customers. We specialise in providing consulting, marketing and content solutions to brands across varied communication mediums. We understand that the way people listen, talk and engage has been evolving rapidly. And that’s why at Coolfire, we evolve every day too. We don’t just ‘target’ the audience… We believe in captivating them, engaging them and going viral! In a crowded space filled with a million voices, we don’t just aim at creating a ‘presence’ for you, but making your brand shine.

We offer three major services that will cater to all your needs. We engage customers with compelling and creative content tailor-made for you. We keep your brand ahead of the times with our consulting solutions backed by innovation, technology and expertise. And we provide end-to-end marketing and advertising solutions that ensure your brand is being talked about! We make your brand cool. We make your brand fiery. We make your brand a conversation!

Meet the Team!

Aditya Nishtala

Aditya Nishtala is an expert in the areas of Communication, Marketing and Advertising. Being extremely passionate about technology, Aditya has founded Coolfire to help brands leverage technology to market them, in turn helping them grow their businesses.

Sangeetha Kodithala

An Electrical Engineer and a Management graduate from Indian School of Business. Over 12+ years of experience in Management and Technology Consulting. Eternal love for Marketing.

Priya Sheth

A graduate from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, Priya Shah has a keen eye for design and a strong penchant for illustrating ideas and creative concepts through striking images. Believes in the perfect balance between aesthetic design and crisp communication.

Priya Ramachandran

A literature and communications graduate with years of experience in leading English dailies and a flair for advertising. A writer, reader and a social observer. Words are her weapon of choice.

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