What is written about you can make or break your brand! In a world where everyone wants to be heard, sometimes, actions are not noticed enough. But words have the power to paint a picture, tell a story and talk about how cool your brand really is. Coolfire’s content shop provides written solutions to all your needs and makes sure that the word about your brand is out there!

Blog posts

Let’s give the world a sneak peek into the awesomeness of your brand by writing all about what you do in engaging blogs crafted especially to suit your requirements.

Tweet bundle

Engage us to create a bundle of 10 tweets for you and we’ll speak volumes about your amazing brand in just 140 characters.

Facebook post bundle

Pick a duration and number of posts you want (eg: a bundle of three posts) from us and we will work out a FB campaign that makes the maximum impact.

Macro Digital one-time campaign

Sometimes, you just want to break out of the daily clutter and make some noise! We understand that and provide a one-time solution for your brand by providing marketing campaigns to meet your specific requirements as and when you need it.

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